Tamizhan.com pointed out that many BPO companies are now foraying into blogging while using it an an advertising venture. Telegenisys and Orion are few of these.

I am not sure if the companies are doing it knowingly. I could hardly visualise a blog as an apt platform for running a campaign especially for BPO companies (a case of wrong number?). When rediff had started hosting blogs, I remember many Computer education institutes had started theirs. But I always thought that they did in all confusion, blogging was still a new concept then and they though it was the same as having a home-page on a free hosting service like geocities. Coming back to the BPOs, their anxiety, arising out of regular employee exodus in Call-centres, is quite understandable. They have been lurking in worry due to the huge employee turnover. With thousands of such jobs being snatched away from the US counterparts the young recruits at these centres are always job-hopping for greener pastures.

A recent Time of India story had pointed out that the new strategy is to hire umra-daraz (ripe) people say governmnet employees who had opted for VRS and housewives. The target segment is not solely the functional areas such as finance and administration but the core business of making calls. Companies are now also moving to smaller towns like Jaipur, Jalandhar and Indore owing to the “abundant qualified manpower, lower attrition rates and supportive government policies.” Another business of pitching false hopes to smaller town people.