Blog strolling -1

With most of the bloggers being IT professionals and students (I seem to be too sure on that), it is a refreshing change to see a lady “criminal psychologist” blogging. Thenga, Manga, Pattani, Sundal is the blog I stumbled upon recently (though I didn't quite get the need of having another blog with the same […]

Zooming in on India's map

At least there is some initiative for India. Me thinks Map My India, the desi version of Mapquest has still long way to go but it's good. I tried searching for my locality at my native place Bhopal (only a limited number of cities are covered as of now) and though it just managed to […]

Drawing the line

A Mumbai based lecturer I hear has moved the courts with his public interest litigation (PIL) demanding that it must be made binding on all Cable wallahs to show only that stuff on TV that are passed by the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC). He is perturbed by the unwarranted ill effect that such […]

Mix Masala

Though I have never been able to decipher an iota of the concepts of business blogging (and most of the posts at her blog), I wonder how people like her are still making money selling the same old image of India in the name of ethnography, as a country of snake-charmers and cows walking on […]

Prizes surprizes!

It has been long since I won anything in some contest or the like, so the last fortnight unveiled few pleasent surprises for me. First the Microsoft Wireless Optical desktop that I won at a competition at Bhasha India (stupid courier walas managed to do a vanishing trick on the 4 batteries though) and second […]

Resonating Jibes – 3

Sushmita Bose noticed that in the quick-shift world of Indian advertising, the Big Idea these days is going back in time. Offcourse Null Pointer was the first to point this out.