Whither Development!

Renowned sociologist and scientist Prof.Yashpal was in town few days back. He is one of the few people who have the straight-forwardness to oppose the education and examination system in India. “Education is not about cramming, you cannot learn science by mugging equations, you have to touch it to get the feel”, said the Professor. […]

Bhopal: The struggle goes on

It's been 19 years since the Lethal Methyl Isocyanate gas from Union Carbide (now Dow Chemicals) struck disaster at Bhopal, the worst ever industrial havoc in the history of mankind. Images such as the one here had shook the whole world as more than 20 thousand peopel have lost their lives and more than a […]

Blogs of Earth

It was a pleasant surprise to find a blog with an Indian name by a foreigner. While the author Awacante has evidently stopped blogging today on one of his other blog only he has a blog (infact a travelogue) called Namaste (Hello in Hindi). The author had visited India in 2000, perhaps as a volunteer […]

Kudos TOI

Seldom do you find the virtues of restrain and responsibility amongst news media amidst the cut-throat competition that exists now a days. Mediaah reports that Times Of India's Pune team had uneartherd the CAT entrance test paper leak the previous evening but chose to exercise restraint and help the police nab the culprits. I think […]

Enough of showcasing technologies

I recently watched an episode of Bhoomi on Doordarshan National network. Bhoomi is a series on environment produced by Siddhartha Kak of Cinema Vision India and promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Siddhartha is better known for his long-running and immensely popular cultural magazine programme “Surabhi”. My kudos to the producers for a […]

Happy Deepawali!

Wishing a very happy Diwali and prosperous new year to all my readers, friends and relatives. Hope you have a blast this festival of lights!