The other day I was watching “Freaky Chakra” on Star Movies. Well I am not writing a review here (in any case the movie was altogether too puerile to pen a review on). I had seen the “ooh” TV promos before and was amazed at Deepti Naval's stupid escapades as Ms Thomas. Doing love-scenes with a kid, shiva-shiva. But then she is not akin to the middle-age crisis (or is it called some other kinda crisis in Bollywood parlance), is she?  (I also read that her husband — not Prakash Jha– died recently).  I saw a similar trait in Himani Shivpuri, an established name on TV eager to do petty roles (even lowly roles as brothel keeper) after her husband died prematurely. OK, OK, they are after-all actors, and the role demanded this etc etc but….I mean there is an age to do all such stuff. I remember a movie of recent times (remind me its name if you recall) where ripe actors like Navin Nischal and Rekha performed love scenes. There was another movie made with pious intentions of “exploring the intricacies of married life” by Vinod Pande (small time movie maker made famous of his serial “Reporter” on National TV) full of steamy scenes. Guess who played the male lead..who else but Pandeji himself. It's another issue that the movie vanished without a trace.