Title does matter!

Jivha posted an interesting piece (or was it the Kournikova stuff?) on the significance of Titles of blog-posts. I can't agree more with him. A quote from his blog:

With the increasing popularity of RSS-based newsreaders it is neccessary that the title of your post stand out from the tens and hundreds of other posts from other blogs. People will come to your blog only if they are interested in the title of your post.

As for me, half of my time in a post gets devoted to gestating a good title for it. Many would argue that the first few words of the post would suffice as the title, if your posts are more in conversational style rather than being essays or commentries, but certainly a good title makes the post appealing. Moreover,  it renders a structured look to the post. But does title really matter if the topic of discussion is Kournikova?

Things people do

What's the big deal about GMail? Even Rediff Mail now has the coveted 1 GB tag. I think the craze for a GMail account is only beacuse you can lay hands on it from an invite (if you were not lucky enought to have used Blogger.com services i.e). Today I got this funny mail from one “Shweta Devgan” (shweta.niit@indiatimes.com):

hi sheesh I am sure it is you! You were confident that you'd get the invite fast and you will get d***h@gmail.com even before the gmail release, but before that you had to get me invite first? You forgot? Now dont say you aren't! Do send me an invitation to join gmail because I am sure we are going to fill Gig when we talk. You know my way of saying thanks. Will wait for the invite. Shweta

Which provokes me to ask something Jay asked Kay in MIB, “When was the last time you had a CAT scan done, Shweta (or whatever is yr real name)?”

Care for a Kopi?

This is hilarious! If you're bored of your regular cup of Java here is something different. Try Kopi Luwak! Kopi (the Indonesian word for coffee) Luwak comes from the islands of Sumatra, Java and goes through a pretty unique harvesting process. The beans are infact, “fermented in the intestines of the civet cat, also called the luwak. These animals eat coffee beans and defecate them in a form considered to be enhanced.” Mark Liberman has an interesting post on this with an animation detailing the “transmission channel”. Animal droppings for your morning cuppa, who would have thought (grin)!