Most software companies leverage open source software (OSS) in their products, as it is a great mechanism for standardizing software and bringing in cost effectiveness via the re-use of high quality, time-tested code. Some organizations may allow its use as-is, while others may utilize a vetting mechanism to ensure that the OSS adheres to the organization standards of security, quality, etc. This confidence in OSS stems from how these community projects are managed and sustained, as well as the culture of openness, collaboration, and creativity that they nurture.

Many organizations building closed source software are now trying to imitate these development principles and practices. This approach, which has been perhaps more discussed than adopted, is popularly called “InnerSource”.

InnerSource is the term for the emerging practice of organizations adopting the open source methodology, albeit to develop proprietary software.

In Oct 2021, I wrote a blog for my employer AWS that discussed on how to build a model InnerSource ecosystem that leverages multiple AWS services, such as CodeBuildCodeCommitCodePipelineCodeArtifact, and CodeGuru, along with other AWS services and open source tools.

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