My last post had a quote that represents my long standing apprehension: How will the BJP look minus Atalji? The answer is: very scary. But how has this scary party managed to run a coalition government for 5 years and reach the stage where they could proclaim the “til-gud factor”. The answer is: BJP (read that RSS and the Hinduist organisations like that of Bahubal Thoke-ray) knows how to play different games in foreground and background. The foreground is indeed Atalji, a poet this moment and a dedicated swayam-sevak that moment, an assurance for the NDA modules and janata together that all is going well. In the background RSS has Murli Manohar Joshi and his brigade working over-time to fulfill the hidden agendas, for instance, strengthening the Hindu Talibani groups and correcting the wrong-doings of the history by rewriting it. Education, after all, is the best way to create healthy Hindu minds.

What wrong doings, you ask? There were many, some have been documented at numerous stealthy websites like this one which justifies cleansing of the nation to avenge the Hindu holocaust. These people have only one agenda and they will take the help of anyone (including the Archaeological Survey of India, as in the Ayodhya case) to prove their point. One of the most ridiculous point is raised here and I couldn’t resist quoting it here,

The most evident of such structures is Taj Mahal, a structure supposedly devoted to carnal love by the “great” mogul king Shah Jahan to his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal ..this is the same Shah Jahan who had a harem of 5,000 women and who had an incestuous relationship with his daughter justifying it by saying, ‘a gardener has every right to taste the fruit he has planted’! Is such a person even capable of imagining such a wondrous structure as the Taj Mahal let alone be the architect of it?

The answer is no. It cannot be. And it isn’t as has been proven. The Taj Mahal is as much a Islamic structure as is mathematics a Muslim discovery! The famous historian Shri P.N. Oak has proven that Taj Mahal is actually Tejo Mahalaya, a Shiv temple-palace. His work was published in 1965 in the book, Taj Mahal – The True Story. However, we have not heard much about it because it was banned by the corrupt and power crazed Congress government of Bharat who did not want to alienate their precious vote bank, the Muslims.

Reminds me of a letter that appeared long ago in TOI quipping that William Shakespeare was actually Wali Sheikh Peer, a  shaayar from Bhopal. At least this scuttlebutt was funny.