Happy Deepawali!

Wishing a very happy Diwali and prosperous new year to all my readers, friends and relatives. Hope you have a blast this festival of lights!

My posts on JDJ/Ciol

Few of my posts made under technology catgeory have been featured by the portal Ciol. One of the articles is available here. Another recent post of mine on Code Analyzers has made been mentioned in Eric's Pulse of 20th October and has been published in the Java Developers Journal Industry newsletter available here. Thanks Eric :). The same post features on Ciol here. Thanks Ciol!

Comments Log

Is there any way in JRoller to get a consolidated summary of, say, last 50 comments (for any/all posts) as here? Many JRollers would agree that once the posts are archived and not visible on front page it is often difficult to read or reply to any comment to back posts, not speaking of keeping track of the spam comments that are often posted on very old posts.