Are you Blogoholic?

There is an interesting quiz that would perhaps let you know if you are a Blogoholic. I thought I was one, coz even if I don't post very regularly I read a lot of blogs everyday. But it emerged that I am only a casual weblogger. “You only blog when you have nothing better to do, which is not very often. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you'd post a little more often, you'd make your readers very happy.” says the quiz results where I scored a 48%.

While on the subject, Alan has posted about his “human-experiment” where he has classified persons based on their online behaviour. I have observed that we behave in a more bindas manner when we are online or chatting over phone. One may shudder while appearing for a personal interview but retain his calm and can even exude confidence on a telephonic interview. I find it easy to rudely evade the telemarketing cold calls while it becomes difficult to behave the same way with a “Eureka Phobes” sales personnel when he is there at your doorstep. You behave more gentlemanly. I am much in agreement with Alan when he says that “the online world is a glimpse of what it would be like if we were always drunk. Our inhibitions are lowered and we say things we normally would never say when faced with the same situation in real life. Generally, if people are pleasant online, it translates to their offline persona, and likewise, an a***hole is always an a***hole!” [Link via Erik]

When DD animated our lives!

I had my childhood nourishment of entertainment from Vividh Bharati and Doordarshan so this post of Turbanhead revived old memories. The “Ek Anek” short animation film was targeted at National integration and was used as filler by DD at that time and, thanks to the fact that satellite TV wasn’t even there, was immensely popular. Many readers might not know perhaps about the persons behind this animation marvel, Vasant Desai (one of my favorite lyricists/composer) and Bhimsen, one of India’s finest animation talent. Desai has been better known for his work in the movie Utsav but Ek Anek is perhaps one of his best innocent work.

I had known about Bhimsen as a filmmaker first, from his serial against superstitions (damn, I can’t recall the name of the serial now, do you?) featuring Ashok Saraf, Sulbha and Arvind Deshpande and Dr.Maya Alagh. This was a very successful Sunday bonanza on DD. It was later that I came to know that Bhimsen was actually an accomplished animator.

Speaking of animation, we have come a long way now, but in those days of 70’s Films Division was the only harbinger for such projects. It’s good that India’s animation industry is now a sought after entity but it perhaps cannot be denied that it stands on the shoulder of stalwarts such as Bhimsen. I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice write-up on him here, so do read it if you have time.

Back to square 1?

If you read my post “Living in wonderland” notice the word “backtrack” that I used there. Devoid of spine, politicians have been known, since ages, to create artificial frenzy to fool people: the til-gud1 factor, cute mini-budget full of goodies, all-is-well on Indo-Pak front (aka Hindi-Paki bhai-bhai), Vajpayee is BJPs undisputed leader (backstabbing noise in background), L.K.Kataarvani2 willing to talk to Hurriyat etc etc.

Now where does backtracking figure? Well, it figures in both Indian and Paki premier’s public speeches of the week with Mian Musharraf saying that under no circumstances will he accede to accepting the LOC as border ( a suggestion made in my mentioned post) and our Atalji quipping that all discussions of Kashmir will involve only POK and not IOK. Back to square 1?

1 til-gud: Besides rhyming well with the media coined “Feel-good” factor is Hindi for Sesame seeds and jaggery, the basic ingredients of Sankranti festival.
2 Kataar: Hindi for a dagger, and the characterisitic of Indian deputy premier's counter-paki rhetorics