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Please update my blog URL

Fellow bloggers! Those of you who link to me or wish to do so or would like to subscribe to RSS feed for this blog please note the following details. Please update the URL at your blog if you link to me. Blog URL: RSS Feed URL:

Blog Cleanup

A little clean up happened here. A bit of rearrangement in my blog rolls, added some more blogs which I have been subscribing through Bloglines. To segregate the technical blogs I had to append the Gen (for general) and Tech (for technical) blogs to the section titles. Those who find the rolls too short, my...

The Latino connection

This blog finds some unexpected mention here. I could not have deciphered an iota of Spanish but for Bablefish. Apparently a reader was making some parallel between JRoller and Roller@jH. Here is what the comment says: Ummm… Also there is a user called al (but he is not ours al)….and a weblog with title Null...

The Blog Matrix

Rajeev identified an occupying topic from Bloggercon reportage, elitism in blogging. Infact I was giving this a thought while chatting with a fellow blogger few days back and we both marvelled at the volume of blogging being done by Indians and whether it has any impact on others who don't blog. The fact remains that...