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Yahoo Groups available again

Seems like the blanket ban on Yahoo Groups imposed by the boneheaded Indian beaurocrats has been lifted. Yahoo groups websites are now again available. Hope they do not repeat their stupidity.

The malicious Banana

Jivha pointed to this unfledged clique in the Indi-blogosphere jeering the Bhartiya Blog Mela. It's called the Bhartiya Blog Kela. Now before I even start please note that I do not have anything for or against the Blog Mela but this is pretty hilarious . The guy apparently “had enough of sanctimonious debates on the...

Using w.bloggar

Arjun had advised me about it. And based on this it seems lowem has taken a plunge too. But can w.bloggar help in posting the same post to two blogs simultaneously? That would be cool. Let me see if it works. As for w.bloggar, well the GUI is cool. Editing Blogger templates would be simpler...

Hindi for Blog

What is the most appropriate Hindi word for Blog? Alok calls it chittha. How about Roznamchaa or Vrittant? (I made this post in Hindi originally, using the Takhti editor and post was showing up well, however apparently my RSS Aggregator has some problem with that, infact with the three dots the aggreator itself put after...