Are you Blogoholic?

There is an interesting quiz that would perhaps let you know if you are a Blogoholic. I thought I was one, coz even if I don't post very regularly I read a lot of blogs everyday. But it emerged that I am only a casual weblogger. “You only blog when you have nothing better to do, which is not very often. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you'd post a little more often, you'd make your readers very happy.” says the quiz results where I scored a 48%.

While on the subject, Alan has posted about his “human-experiment” where he has classified persons based on their online behaviour. I have observed that we behave in a more bindas manner when we are online or chatting over phone. One may shudder while appearing for a personal interview but retain his calm and can even exude confidence on a telephonic interview. I find it easy to rudely evade the telemarketing cold calls while it becomes difficult to behave the same way with a “Eureka Phobes” sales personnel when he is there at your doorstep. You behave more gentlemanly. I am much in agreement with Alan when he says that “the online world is a glimpse of what it would be like if we were always drunk. Our inhibitions are lowered and we say things we normally would never say when faced with the same situation in real life. Generally, if people are pleasant online, it translates to their offline persona, and likewise, an a***hole is always an a***hole!” [Link via Erik]

The best of Null Pointer – 2003

I have been pondering to put together this list for long and here it is. Now what do I mean my “the best”? Obviously not “the most visited” or “the most linked to” or ” the most commented on” posts but those which I think I wrote well or reflect my stand-point on the issue. In a nutshell if you read only these posts you will perhaps have a dekko inside my mind. And obviously such a list helps new visitors to my blog who won't care to skim through all the archives. This list would be updated as and when appropriate and would be available on the right menu. BTW do tell me about the posts that do not deserve to be in this list. You may also submit your pick of this lot by participating in the web-poll below.

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Code Analyzers
Primer: Difference between javac and JIT
Sun: Empathising with Programmers?

Vox Populi: Null Pointer best posts poll  
Select the post(s) you think were good indeed.
Walking straight in muddled waters Enough of showcasing tech Bhopal: The struggle goes on
The ASI Mockery trilogy AnNRI's plea for cleanliness A dependable friend!
Jaitly or Shushma for PM? Wrong number? Flying Coffins
We learnt nothing from past follies Band Loyalty Sleepy Tales!
Israeli attacks: a lesson for India Thorns of Desire! Middle-age chakra
Identity Crisis The Blog Matrix Code Analyzers
What is Real development? Bushrivals Vajpayee

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The Badshah of quzzing!

Aaj Tak is going for a public issue and they suddenly realized that the brand has emerged mightier than the TV Today insignia, so their typical “B&W Hindi archaic movie ishtyle” stupid advertisements were back to tell the viewers that Aaj Tak is an offshoot of TV Today and not the other way round. I was really taken aback that for one they actually succeeded in roping in one of my idols Siddartha Basu (frankly I am not aware if the opposite happened because the channel is shown as one of his clients at Siddartha’s website).

Siddartha Basu

Talking of Siddarth, people of my age-group who were into quizzing have been ardent fans of Basu since his Quiz-time days at Doordarshan (DD). For me it was a magic phenomenon as it flamed my interest in quizzing, I hosted two shows of my own at Schools and won laurels in several. I was really awestruck by the professional packaging of his shows. He was the pioneer to introduce IITian gizmos into quiz scoring.

For those of you who don’t know, Siddartha had a background in English theatre. He played the spoilt child of a millionaire in a DD TV serial called “Purvai” (though, must confess, his Hindi diction was pathetic). He also produced many TV plays, of note was “Kauwa chala hans ki chaal” in which I first noticed Raghuvir Yadav. But his and his company Synergy Communication’s primary focus has been quizzing and they certainly are badshah of the format. Of course KBC was the pinnacle of their achievement where they were able to coax-in BigB to play the host and the rest is, as they say, history.

In 1994-95 I was at Delhi to appear for a competitive exam and decided to meet Siddartha personally with my friend, who was then teaching at Father Agnel’s Polytechnic. We somehow got his telephone number and called him up on an afternoon. Anita, his wife, picked up but alas he had just gone to sleep. Then I was occupied for the day and the idea slipped off my mind. I could only call him up from the Nizammuddin station while I was heading home. To my surprise he came on the phone promptly (now that I think of it I realise that those were the days he was easily accessible). Synergy wasn’t born then perhaps and he told about his shows for DD. When I asked about his theatre activities he said that it continues side by side. “Thanks for calling” he said in his typical style as we concluded the conversation. But those who have met or talked with a celebrity they adore can very well gauge how I felt at that moment. Unfortunately with Mastermind on I haven’t really followed his career, but Siddartha still remains one of my idols.