Meandering ways, again

Whenever I encounter any strange behaviour on my referrer list (which, thanks to Paris Hilton, are no more public now) I usually add it to my list of “funny referers”. Here is the latest list for you to savor, my favorite being the Neena Gupta one 😉

aircrafts videos crashed
Why do singletons prefer Mumbai?
“indian wives”
l o v e scenes from indian movies
sarkari mindset
neena gupta in b a t h room
Extra m a r i t a l affairs of IAS officers
how old is barkha dutt

Blogs dramatized!

Ye duniya ek rangmanch hai Babu-moshai! (the world is a theatre, my dear bong). How can our blogs be less theatrical then! Alok pointed to this ingenious site that adds that quintessential spice of melodrama to your blog. Just type your URL here and your blog is hilariously converted to a Hollywood screenplay, instantly. Samples? Look how Alok's blog and mine fare, in their dramatic avatar.